About Us

Brief History

Quality Match Plate Co. Inc. was founded October 1969 by James Dittrich (father) and James W. Dittrich (son). James Sr. brought 30 years of experience to his newly founded company. He defied the conventional wisdom of the time, that to compete in national and international markets, you had to cut prices and standards. We are an aluminum foundry using plaster as our moulding medium, also to an extent doing some sand casting when required.

Through an ongoing program of cooperative research, we have developed improved plaster formulations. These formulations enable us to provide smoother, more accurate, more detailed surfaces, which meet the demands of high precision casters. Our high efficiency electric furnace provides consistent alloy quality while providing the capacity to meet tight delivery schedules.

The plaster mould casting process is simpler and much less expensive than alternative methods, particularly for very small parts and large structures. The faster turnaround and lower cost is ideal for foundries and plastic molders operating short to medium production runs.

James Sr. has since retired, but occasionally visits to verify that the standards by which the company was founded upon are still being carried out through his son. Because of this dedication, our products are currently being used in 28 states and several foriegn countries. This dedication to high standards led many customers to select Quality Match Plate Co. Inc. for all their casting needs. Past, present, and in the future, Quality is in our name.